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IP Cameras

Advanced IP CCTV Cameras are the eyes of your CCTV system. Our camera range is suitable for private homes, retail shops, hotels, schools and other applications. Available in Bullet, Dome, and Body.
IP Bullet
From R1,250
IP Day/Night Weatherproof Cameras Integrated with Infra-Red LEDs to provide a camera capable of operating in little or no light.
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IP Dome
From R1,837
IP CCTV dome cameras for monitoring of unattended areas such as passageways, underground parking, stairwells, and shopping centres.
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IP Body
From R429
IP Body cameras have the option of being fitted with different CS Mounted lenses. For indoor use and outdoor use with Camera housing. Lens are not included except where the lens are integral.
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IP Cube Cameras
From R1,899
Designed for use in small businesses and residential applications.
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IP Covert Cameras
From R5,829
IP Covert cameras for discreet observation & surveillance.
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Megapixel Lenses
From R874
New range of Megapixel IP Camera lenses with high definition, multicoating and simple adjustment. For megapixel IP cameras, a megaPixel lens is recommended to cope with the higher resolution and increased image quality.
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