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Alarm Accessories

Magnetic contacts for doors and windows, emergency buttons and sirens.
Warning Lights
From R25
Warning Lights for alarm systems available in Strobe, Flash or Permanent Illumination.
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Alarm Sirens
From R53
For use with all conventional alarm systems.
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Alarm Contacts
From R12
Used in all conventional alarm installations.
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Panic Buttons
From R21
Panic buttons for all alarm installations
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Status LED's
From R4
Status LED's for alarm systems. Shows if alarm is armed.
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Alarm Power Supply
From R171
Stand alone alarm power supply available with moulded lead and plug or plug in type.
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Installation Consumables
From R2
Installation Consumables ideally suited for Alarm System Installations.
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Battery For Optex Xwave
From R489
The SAFT LSH20 is the primary 3.6V Lithium battery OPTEX recommends to use for the battery-powered AX and SL infra-red beams series to get the best performance.
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Shock & Glass Break Detectors
From R324
Protect glass windows and glass doors against intruders and damage.
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Seismic Detectors
From R1,506
Seismic detectors are designed to protect safes, vault doors and automatic teller machines against known methods of attack. The seismic detector recognizes vibrations caused by explosives and tools such as diamond-tipped drills, mechanical and hydraulic rams, flame cutters, thermal lances, or water jet cutters.
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Optex XWave2 Universal Transmitter
From R562
Developed by IDS, universal transmitter with great flexibility. Xwave2 Bi-directional Wireless technology.
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Optex Xwave Wireless Door Contacts
From R456
Universal Xwave Wireless transmitter with great flexibility. Jumper selectable open or open / close status.
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Optex XWave2 5 Channel Transmitter
From R549
Bi-directional system control from the convenience of a key-fob. Slimline design with protection slider. Function button for checking system status.
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