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Union Laminated Padlock
REF: UN3540-200-GZ

Price From: R381.00

20 In stock

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Price From: R381.00



The Union laminated padlock has a body made from zinc plated steel plates covered by a coloured jacket. It also has a stainless steel shackle which is resistant to corrosion thereby making it ideal for outdoor and coastal areas. It has a precision 5 Pin Tumbler brass cylinder, a dual steel ball locking system and is able to resist physical abuse protecting your assets against theft. The black protective boot provides added security and protection against corrosion, dust and other environmental factors offering a sustainable solution. UV protected waterproof plastic cover comes in a range of colours allowing easy identification for different areas of any operation or application.


Name Union Laminated Padlock
SKU UN3540-200-GZ
Brand Union
Number Of Keys 2
Padlock Body Material Steel
Body Width 40mm
Shackle Diameter 7mm
Horizontal Clearance 22mm
Vertical Clearance 23mm
Shackle Type Open
Best Used For Marine

UN354000846200-ZA R381.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Black

Keyed Differently- Black- 0.3 Kg

UN354000847200-ZA R381.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Red

Keyed Differently- Red- 0.3 Kg

UN354000848200-ZA R381.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Blue

Keyed Differently- Blue- 0.3 Kg

UN354000849200-ZA R381.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Yellow

Keyed Differently- Yellow- 0.3 Kg

UN354000850200-ZA R381.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Green

Keyed Differently- Green- 0.3 Kg

UN354000852200-ZA R381.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Orange

Keyed Differently- Orange- 0.3 Kg

UN354060846200-ZA R393.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Black KA

Keyed Alike- Black- 0.3 Kg

UN354060847200-ZA R393.00  (20 In stock)

Union Laminated Padlock Red KA

Keyed Alike- Red- 0.3 Kg

UN354060848200-ZA R393.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Blue KA

Keyed Alike- Blue- 0.3 Kg

UN354060849200-ZA R393.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Yellow KA

Keyed Alike- Yellow- 0.3 Kg

UN354060850200-ZA R393.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Green KA

Keyed Alike- Green- 0.3 Kg

UN354060852200-ZA R393.00  (Available)

Union Laminated Padlock Orange KA

Keyed Alike- Orange- 0.3 Kg