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Union 4044 Lockout Padlock
REF: UN4044-GZ

Price From: R363.00

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Price From: R363.00



The Union 4044 Lockout padlock features a plastic body and a stainless steel shackle. These feature ensure that the padlock is non-conductive and non-corrosive thereby making it ideal for electrical and mining safety lockout industries. Includes write-on "Danger” label and available in a variety of bright colours to make them easily visible. This padlock has a 6 pin 570 barrel with 334B cylinder housing and is supplied with 2 keys.


Name Union 4044 Lockout Padlock
Brand Union
Number Of Keys 2
Padlock Body Material Plastic
Body Width 40mm
Shackle Diameter 5mm
Horizontal Clearance 22mm
Vertical Clearance 50mm
Shackle Type Long
Best Used For Safety Lockout

UN4044KA-BLK-ZA R373.00  (Available)

Union Lockout Padlock Black KA

Black- Keyed Alike- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KA-BLU-ZA R373.00  (Available)

Union Lockout Padlock Blue KA

Blue- Keyed Alike- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KA-BRN-ZA R373.00  (Available)

Union Lockout Padlock Brown KA

Brown- Keyed Alike- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KA-GRN-ZA R373.00  (Available)

Union Lockout Padlock Green KA

Green- Keyed Alike- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KA-ORG-ZA R373.00  (Available)

Union Lockout Padlock Orange KA

Orange- Keyed Alike- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KA-PUP-ZA R373.00  (Available)

Union Lockout Padlock Purple KA

Purple- Keyed Alike- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KA-RED-ZA R373.00  (Available)

Union Lockout Padlock Red KA

Red- Keyed Alike- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KA-WHT-ZA R373.00  (Available)

Union Lockout Padlock White KA

White- Keyed Alike- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KA-YEL-ZA R373.00  (Available)

Union Lockout Padlock Yellow KA

Yellow- Keyed Alike- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KD-BLK-ZA R363.00  (15 In stock)

Union Lockout Padlock Black KD

Black- Keyed Differently- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KD-BLU-ZA R363.00  (26 In stock)

Union Lockout Padlock Blue KD

Blue- Keyed Differently- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KD-BRN-ZA R363.00  (11 In stock)

Union Lockout Padlock Brown KD

Brown- Keyed Differently- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KD-GRN-ZA R363.00  (20 In stock)

Union Lockout Padlock Green KD

Green- Keyed Differently- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KD-ORG-ZA R363.00  (13 In stock)

Union Lockout Padlock Orange KD

Orange- Keyed Differently- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KD-PUP-ZA R363.00  (5 In stock)

Union Lockout Padlock Purple KD

Purple- Keyed Differently- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KD-RED-ZA R363.00  (Available)

Union Lockout Padlock Red KD

Red- Keyed Differently- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KD-WHT-ZA R363.00  (10 In stock)

Union Lockout Padlock White KD

White- Keyed Differently- 0.2 Kg

UN4044KD-YEL-ZA R363.00  (18 In stock)

Union Lockout Padlock Yellow KD

Yellow- Keyed Differently- 0.2 Kg