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QS Residence SS Lockset Without Cylinder
REF: QS4485-GS

Price From: R1,312.00


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Price From: R1,312.00



  • 1 x pair handles on lever
  • 1 x split spindle
  • 1 x Drawback Latch Lock
  • Not supplied with 40mm Padlock
  • Key & Turn Cylinder NOT supplied

The QS residence lockset is for use on university residence doors where the students maintains control by using a 40mm padlock on the outside. By locking using a padlock it prevents unauthorized operation of the levers to open the door. A key is not issued for the cylinder hence from the inside they make use of a thumb turn. Locking the door from the inside is done by turning the thumbturn twice which activates the deadlocking latch. This handle works with a split spindle thereby making the outside handle operate independently from the inside one. Additionally, this eliminates cases where a student can be locked inside the room from the outside by using a padlock.

The administration will possess the keys to the cylinder which can be used to retract both the deadbolt and latch bolt. If the student loses keys to their padlock, it is removed by a bolt cutter and they will need to replace with a new one. This lock must is used with a heavy duty euro profile double drawback latch lock. The euro profile key and turn cylinder is not supplied and must be ordered separately. Supplied with fixing screws and strike plate.



Name QS Residence SS Lockset Without Cylinder
Brand QS
Number Of Keys 0
Finish Stainless Steel
Function Institutional

QS4485-RL-L-ZA R1,312.00  (Available)

QS Residence Lockset SS LH W/O Cylinder

Diagram 1 or 3- 1 Kg

QS4485-RL-R-ZA R1,312.00  (Available)

QS Residence Lockset SS RH W/O Cylinder

Diagram 2 or 4- 1 Kg