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Optex XWave2 VXS Wireless Outdoor PIR Microwave
REF: 862-22-VXS-RDAM-X5-ZA




  • IP55 SHIELD body protection
  • With anti-masking
  • 10.525 GHz Microwave

The Optex VX Shield series has been designed to make the installation phase as easy as possible for the installer. With every piece of the installation phase throughout with great precision from the easy 90 degrees rotation lock to open/close the cover to the easy to adjust detection area, what was previously considered the most painful of tasks is now totally hassle free. The VX Shileld Series also includes an "Automatic Walk Test Mode", when closing the cover the walk test mode expires automatically after 3 minutes. Furthermore, it offers a triple layer detection. Both the upper / lower PIR detection areas and Microwave area must simultaneously be crossed to generate an alarm. Each activation is independently analyzed so that spurious events can be filtered and ignored. This technology virtually eliminates nuisance detection of smaller animals in the premises.

The Optex VX Shield also has an extreme high detection mode which increases its sensitivity and ensures that it is able to differentiate between a human body and the environment when the temperature difference is small. This is also enhanced by the Super MultiDimensional Analysis (SMDA) logic which analysis the environment and is able to distinguish between the environment (weather, vegetation and noise) and a genuine intrusion. An alarm is triggered if the face cover, main unit or base unit it removed.

Active IR anti-masking detects when the lens surface has been covered, blocked or painted, thereby triggering an alarm.



Name Optex XWave2 VXS Wireless Outdoor PIR Microwave
Brand Optex
Weight (KG) 1.0000
Detection Pattern 90 Degrees
Max. Distance 12m
Where Used Outdoor / Indoor Use
Features Anti-Masking, Wireless
Voltage 3-9V DC
Detection Type 2 x PIR & Microwave