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Optex XWave2 BX80 Wireless Boundry Guard Detector
REF: 862-22-BX-80NRC-ZA

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  • Size (mm): 235H x 56W x 128D

The Optex XWave2 BX80 is a wireless outdoor passive infrared sensor that provides a detection range from 2 to 12m on each side (left and right) which is ideal to protect the immediate boundary of a building. When located on a house or building facade, it will detect people getting right next to the wall or leaning towards the windows making it a perfect early intrusion detection sensor. The BX series is very stable to use in outdoor environment with small animals around. The sensor sends on each side a top and bottom infrared beams, both beams need to detect a presence to trigger so a bird or a cat sitting on the window seal will not set the alarm off. Additionally the it has extra features such as double conductive shielding, advanced temperature compensation and size judging function to provide reliable and stable detection.



Name Optex XWave2 BX80 Wireless Boundry Guard Detector
SKU 862-22-BX-80NRC-ZA
Brand Optex
Weight (KG) 1.0000
Detection Pattern 180 Degrees
Max. Distance 12m
Features Pet Friendly, Wireless
Where Used Outdoor Use
Detection Type 2 x PIR
Voltage 3-9V DC