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Optex SX Ceiling Mount 360 Degree PIR
REF: 862-01-SX-360Z-ZA




  • Patented Multi-focus lens
  • False Alarm Protection
  • Pattern detection

The Optex SX Ceiling Mount 360 Degree PIR's unique zoom system makes it the most flexible detector available in the market today. The 276 dense zones will provide a 60ft.(18m) circular detection area at any installation height from 8 to 16ft.(2.4 to 5m) with absolutely no dead spots. This PIR's compact design makes it the perfect detector for all types of applications-residential and commercial, large and small. The pattern angle can be variably adjusted as well as the special lens can be adjusted up and down by rotating the housing cover of the zoom mechanism. Furthermore, the angle adjustment can provide a 360 degrees, 18m (60ft) diameter detection area at any ceiling height up to 5m (16ft.) with highly accurate detection performance. It provides highly dense coverage with as many as 276 detection zones, eliminating dead spots over its broad 18m (60ft.) diameter detection area.



Name Optex SX Ceiling Mount 360 Degree PIR
SKU 862-01-SX-360Z-ZA
Brand Optex
Weight (KG) 0.6000
Detection Pattern 360 Degrees
Max. Distance 18m
Where Used Indoor Use
Features Wired
Voltage 6-18V DC
Detection Type 1 x PIR