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Optex LX802 Outdoor PIR Narrow Angle
REF: 862-01-LX-802NC-ZA




  • Size (mm): 141H x 75W x 58D
  • IP54 For Use On Patios / Vernadahs

The Optex LX802 is a wired outdoor rated PIR (passive infrared) motion detector that is compatible with virtually all alarm systems. It offers several features designed for better performance and false alarm immunity. It comes in low, medium and high sensitivity options so you can adjust the motion detector sensor to your needs. The double conductive shielding eliminates false alarms from light sources such as headlight and sunlight. It also comes with a day and night mode so the sensor is only triggered when it gets dark. An LED light will indicate when movement is detected. This unit also has a tamper switch that opens when the cover is removed.



Name Optex LX802 Outdoor PIR Narrow Angle
SKU 862-01-LX-802NC-ZA
Brand Optex
Weight (KG) 1.2000
Detection Pattern 5 Degrees
Max. Distance 24m
Where Used Outdoor Use
Features Wired
Voltage 10.8-13.2V DC
Detection Type 1 x PIR