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Mutual SABS Office Safe Cat 4 Size 5




The Mutual office safe Cat 4 meets the SABS (Cat 4) requirements against various forms of burglary attack. Firstly the sophisticated methods of lock picking or pin point drilling are negated by the use of high security locks. Additional protection is offered against forceful attack methods using cold chisels, drilling machines, various hand tools as well as high speed angle grinders.

The Mutual office safe Cat 4 has an 80mm solid steel door slab and a 90mm steel body. Solid plated round locking bolts secure the door upon locking and sturdy ball-bearing exterior hinges ensure ease of opening. It is fitted with 2 high security key locks and a combination lock. In defence against the most prolonged and intensive sophisticated attacks, the SA Insurance Association recommends that this safe be used in high risk areas where high amounts of cash and sensitive documentation are stored overnight. It has a recommended overnight cash rating of R200, 000.



Name Mutual SABS Office Safe Cat 4 Size 5
Brand Mutual
Weight (KG) 944.0000
Security Rating SABS Cat 4 (R200 000)
Fire Rating 60 mins Paper
Safe Locking Combination Dial
Safe Internal Height (mm) 1300
Safe Internal Width (mm) 500
Safe Internal Depth (mm) 500
Safe External Height (mm) R1,480.00
Safe External Width (mm) R680.00
Safe External Depth (mm) R705.00
Safe Volume (litres) 325