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Mauer 252R Electronic Safe Lock
REF: L13700-ZA




  • Up to 20 users

The Mauer 252R Electronic safe lock is an electronic lock which replaces traditional mechanical locks and ideal for security applications where shared access and audit capability are necessary. It is self powered and requires no batteries to operate. The lock will not allow access to any user for a period of 3 minutes after 5 incorrect combinations are entered. Any additional consecutive failed entry attempts result in another 3 minute lockout. Users have an 8 digit combination which includes a 2-digit user ID and a 6-digit user selected PIN. Allows access by a subordinate only after being enabled by a supervisory combination. Once enabled, a subordinate user has access to the lock during any valid opening time.



Name Mauer 252R Electronic Safe Lock
SKU L13700-ZA
Brand Mauer
Weight (KG) 1.0000
Finish Black
Number Of Keys 0
Lock Type Electronic