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DSC Alarm 5 Button Transmitter
REF: SW147-5-ZA

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  • Alarm 5 Button Transmitter
  • Reliable 433 MHz technology
  • Water resistant

The DSC Alarm 5 Button Transmitter is a 5 button transmitter which uses code hopping technology making it impossible to duplicate during transmission. The keyfob will allow you to arm and disarm, control garage doors and security gates, as well as a variety of other remote functions. It has a small center button which is used to shift security modes and move from functions 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12.

The LED will alert you as to which functions are active. A red LED indicates functions 1-4, a green LED indicates functions 5-8, and the amber LED indicates functions 9-12. Hold the center button to cycle through the different LED light and corresponding function groups. When you see the appropriate color LED, release the center button. The LED will pulsate that color to indicate that you are in the appropriate function group. Press one of the four buttons on the remote and the LED will stop flashing. After a 5-second "time out" period it will default back to functions 1-4.



Name DSC Alarm 5 Button Transmitter
SKU SW147-5-ZA
Brand DSC
Weight (KG) 0.1000
Finish Black
Remote Type Transmitter
Number of Buttons 5
Programming Receiver Learn