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Cisa Multistrength Door Closer Size 2-4 HO
REF: C1416-03-97-ZA




The Cisa C1416 multi strength door closer features a corrosion resistant steel arm with adjustable hold open mechanism and is power adjustable for doors with a maximum weight of between 40 and 80kg. It is factory supplied at size 3 but can be adjusted by moving the mounting position of the arm.

The Smart Plus door closers have an aluminium alloy one piece body with a shock proof plastic all-over cover. They have a corrosion resistant steel arm and a special high tensile steel spring immersed in a high grade oil bath. In addition, they have an adjusting valve complete with a thermostatic device.



Name Cisa Multistrength Door Closer Size 2-4 HO
SKU C1416-03-97-ZA
Brand Cisa
Weight (KG) 3.0000
Finish Grey
Handing Reversible
Closer Type Overhead
Closer Features Adjustable Speed, Hold Open
Closer Strength 2 to 4