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Cisa D7210 Door Closer Without HO
REF: D7210-ZA




  • Standard Installation: Push Side
  • Without Hold Open
  • Outward Opening Doors
  • Max Door weight (kg): 60 - 100

The Cisa D7210 door closer has a basic sliding track arm and no door hold back mechanism. It can be fitted on the push side of the door or pull side (by mounting on the frame).

This door closer has an adjustable back-check feature which prevents damage to the door, hardware and adjacent walls, caused by the door being flung open or caught by a gust of wind. In addition to this, it has adjustable delayed action allowing it to be set to close the door more slowly thereby giving people extra extra time to pass through before the door closes

CISA D7200 Series cast iron door closers have a naturally high graphite content that lubricates inner components with every use, resulting in high levels of durability and long life performance. Full complement bearings provide increased bearing load for efficient operation and improved reliability. High quality hydraulic fluid with built-in temperature compensation ensures reliable performance in temperatures from -15 to 40 degrees without the need for seasonal adjustments.



Name Cisa D7210 Door Closer Without HO
SKU D7210-ZA
Brand Cisa
Weight (KG) 3.5000
Finish Grey
Closer Type Overhead
Closer Features Adjustable Speed, Backcheck, Delayed Action
Closer Standards CE Marked, Fire Tested
Closer Strength 2 to 5