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Chubbsafes Fire File 31 Inch Two Hour 4 Drawer KCL




Benefit from fire resistance and a generous storage capacity for files in your office: Fire File 31" from Chubbsafes is a range of certified filing cabinets providing fire protection for up to two hours. You want to keep your most important documents and files organized and protected from fire. As a result, you need a smart and reliable storage solution that is certified up to the most rigorous fire-resistance standards. Fire File 31" from Chubbsafes offers fire protection certified by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL), the leading certification company. The cabinet's generous capacity enables you to take full advantage of your storage requirements

Each drawer is fire protected. Even if one of the drawers is accidentally left open, the other closed drawers are still protected by the built-in fire resistance partitions. This Fire file cabinet is constructed in a lighter weight construction which means smoother transportation and installation, as well as lighter floor loads. The cabinet is equipped with high-quality steel sliders to ensure comfortable operation and full drawer access. It has a dual central key locking system where all the drawers are locked simultaneously. For added security, it can be locked again using the combination dial. If both the combination and key are used to lock, then both are required to open all the drawers. However if the combination or key only is used, then the respective lock needs to operated.



Name Chubbsafes Fire File 31 Inch Two Hour 4 Drawer KCL
Brand Chubbsafes
Weight (KG) 328.0000
Series Fire File
Fire Rating 120 mins Paper
Safe Locking Key & Combination Dial
Safe External Height (mm) R1,510.00
Safe External Width (mm) R551.00
Safe External Depth (mm) R779.00
Safe Volume (litres) 272
Drawer Depth (mm) 604
Drawer Height (mm) 290
Drawer Width (mm) 387
Filing Cabinet Type 4 Drawer Vertical