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Abus T65 Aluminium Padlock

Price From: R163.00

34 In stock

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Price From: R163.00



Abus T65AL Series open shackle padlocks with a precision extruded, cut and drilled pure aluminium body which is light and strong, through hardened shackle, zinc plated brass lock mechanism which prevents chemical corrosion and a rustfree 5 pin tumbler mechanism. The padlock's coloured coating is a special formula which allows you to write your name or other information using coloured pens or permanent markers.


Name Abus T65 Aluminium Padlock
Brand Abus
Number Of Keys 2
Padlock Body Material Aluminium Alloy
Body Width 43mm
Shackle Diameter 7mm
Horizontal Clearance 22mm
Vertical Clearance 23mm
Shackle Type Open
Best Used For Safety Lockout

T65AL-BLK-ZA R163.00  (2 In stock)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Black

Black- Keyed Differently- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-BLK-KA-ZA R185.00  (Available)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Black KA

Black- Keyed Alike- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-BLU-ZA R163.00  (12 In stock)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Blue

Blue- Keyed Differently- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-BLU-KA-ZA R185.00  (Available)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Blue KA

Blue- Keyed Alike- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-GRN-ZA R163.00  (Available)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Green

Green- Keyed Differently- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-GRN-KA-ZA R185.00  (Available)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Green KA

Green- Keyed Alike- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-PRP-ZA R163.00  (Available)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Purple

Purple- Keyed Differently- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-PRP-KA-ZA R185.00  (Available)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Purple KA

Purple- Keyed Alike- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-RED-ZA R163.00  (3 In stock)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Red

Red- Keyed Differently- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-RED-KA-ZA R185.00  (Available)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Red KA

Red- Keyed Alike- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-WHT-ZA R163.00  (8 In stock)

Abus Aluminium Padlock White

White- Keyed Differently- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-WHT-KA-ZA R185.00  (Available)

Abus Aluminium Padlock White KA

White- Keyed Alike- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-YLW-ZA R163.00  (9 In stock)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Yellow

Yellow- Keyed Differently- 0.1 Kg

T65AL-YLW-KA-ZA R185.00  (Available)

Abus Aluminium Padlock Yellow KA

Yellow- Keyed Alike- 0.1 Kg