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Abus 92/80 Monoblock Padlock
REF: 92-80-GZ

Price From: R952.00

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Price From: R952.00



The Abus 92 Monoblock shutter padlocks have a solid brass body encased in hardened steel jacket and a through hardened steel alloy shackle which rotates when attacked. 5 Pin precision cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins and rustfree components. A hardened steel pin protects the narrow side of the lock against sawing and the deadlock mechanism requires a key to lock. 'NanoProtect' Chrome Plating, Hardened steel & through hardened steel alloy shackles get the most effective protection available, where smallest nano particles close the smallest gaps found in the normal chrome plating 'making rusty shackles a thing of the past'. 1,000 hours salt bath test, the equivalent of 40 years in a harsh environment proves the durability of the new 'NanoProtect' process.


Name Abus 92/80 Monoblock Padlock
SKU 92-80-GZ
Brand Abus
Number Of Keys 2
Padlock Body Material Brass Body
Body Width 78mm
Shackle Diameter 12mm
Horizontal Clearance 37mm
Vertical Clearance 17mm
Shackle Type Straight
Best Used For Containers

92-80-ZA R952.00  (5 In stock)

Abus 92 Padlock 76mm

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Abus 92 Padlock 76mm KA8522

KA 8522- 0.9 Kg

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Abus 92 Padlock 76mm KA8523

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