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Abus 65 Padlock 50mm
REF: 65-50-GZ

Price From: R194.00

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Price From: R194.00



The Abus 65 Series brass padlocks have a body which is made from solid brass, hardened steel shackle up to 30mm and hardened steel alloy shackle 40mm and above. The inner components are made from non-corrosive materials. The precision pin cylinder has mushroom counter pins with the paracentric key-way offering greater protection against manipulation. They are suitable for low to medium security requirements and are also suitable where a strong requirement for service performance and longevity is required. The padlock locking is automatic, it does not require a key.


Name Abus 65 Padlock 50mm
SKU 65-50-GZ
Brand Abus
Number Of Keys 2
Finish Brass
Padlock Body Material Brass Body
Body Width 50mm
Shackle Diameter 8mm
Horizontal Clearance 28mm
Vertical Clearance 29mm
Shackle Type Open
Best Used For General Security

65-50-ZA R194.00  (63 In stock)

Abus 65 Padlock 50MM

Keyed Differently- 0.3 Kg

65-50-KA550-ZA R244.00  (7 In stock)

Abus Brass Padlock 50MM KA550

KA 550- 0.3 Kg

65-50-KA551-ZA R244.00  (7 In stock)

Abus Brass Padlock 50MM KA551

KA 551- 0.3 Kg

65-50-KA554-ZA R244.00  (7 In stock)

Abus Brass Padlock 50MM KA554

KA 554- 0.3 Kg

65-50-KA557-ZA R232.00  (5 In stock)

Abus Brass Padlock 50MM KA557

KA 557- 0.3 Kg

65-50-KA559-ZA R244.00  (4 In stock)

Abus Brass Padlock 50MM KA559

KA 559- 0.3 Kg

65-50-KA-ZA R232.00  (Available)

Abus Brass Padlock 50MM KA

Keyed Alike- 0.3 Kg