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Abus 145 Padlock 30mm
REF: 145-30-GZ

Price From: R156.00

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Price From: R156.00



The re-settable Abus 145 series aluminium combination padlocks have precision extruded, cut and drilled pure aluminium bodies for lightness and strength, plus coated mechanisms and shackles to prevent chemical corrosion.


Name Abus 145 Padlock 30mm
SKU 145-30-GZ
Brand Abus
Number Of Keys 0
Padlock Body Material Aluminium Alloy
Body Width 32mm
Shackle Diameter 5mm
Horizontal Clearance 14mm
Vertical Clearance 26mm
Shackle Type Open
Best Used For General Security

145-30BLU-ZA R156.00  (Available)

Abus 145 Padlock Blue 30mm

Blue- 0.1 Kg

145-30BRN-ZA R175.00  (1 In stock)

Abus 145 Padlock Brown 30mm

Brown- 0.1 Kg

145-30GRN-ZA R156.00  (Available)

Abus 145 Padlock Green 30mm

Green- 0.1 Kg

145-30RED-ZA R156.00  (Available)

Abus 145 Padlock Red 30mm

Red- 0.1 Kg

145-30SIL-ZA R156.00  (Available)

Abus 145 Padlock Silver 30mm

Silver- 0.1 Kg

145-30YLW-ZA R156.00  (Available)

Abus 145 Padlock Yellow 30mm

Yellow- 0.1 Kg

145-30TIT-ZA R175.00  (1 In stock)

Abus 145 Padlock Titanium 30mm

Titanium- 0.1 Kg